BILIP Chapter 35-36

Sorry for not posting earlier!!!

Here’s 2 chapters for today hehe

Chapter 35
Chapter 36


BILIP Chapter 34

I finally found the time to update!!!

Chapter 34 here!

I’ll just go with two chapters per week rather than posting it in bulk, since if I stall this for too long, I might lose drive in translating ……

Anyways, it’s nice to be here again!!



Hi there, I’d just like to let you know that I’m still alive and very much stressed. RL got too hectic that I wasn’t able to have time to translate or relax for even just a bit. Plus my class schedule isn’t helping since my classes start in the afternoon, ends in the evening and my commute time going back home averages to 2 hours because of the forsaken traffic, so my day and night is pretty much reversed now. Sorry I’m just starting to rant now. I have too many things to do why did I even join student orgs omg.

I’m planning to just post the rest in bulk but that would be posted next month because there’s too many things happening to me this month. But if you are okay with like one or two chapters a week then that’s good too, because I’m still unsure of what will happen next month, which could lead to me pushing the updates to the month after that again.


Break time

Hi there, Peaches here. I won’t be able to update this week. I’ve used up all my stock chapters 😥 and I’ll be very busy this week so won’t have time to translate. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on track next week. 

Sorry 😩 I hope you’d still want to read this when I get back. Thank you!